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privacy policy

We are committed to protecting the privacy, personal data, and personal information provided by you when using our website (collectively referred to as "personal data"), so that we comply with the highest standards of laws and regulations related to personal data privacy and consumer protection when collecting, using, storing, and transmitting personal data To ensure that you have full confidence in our handling of personal data, you must carefully read and understand the provisions of our privacy policy. Especially if you use our website, it will be deemed as acceptance, agreement, commitment, and confirmation; You voluntarily disclose personal information to us with the necessary consent; You will comply with all terms and limitations of this privacy policy; Your registration and information will be collected on our website; You agree to any modifications to our privacy policy in the future; You agree to have our subsidiaries, subsidiaries, employees contact you regarding products and services that you may be interested in (unless you have expressed that you do not wish to receive such information). With your consent, we will collect, manage, and monitor the types of personal information collected In order to provide you with our various services, you need to provide personal information, including personal information and unnamed information, including but not limited to: personal information (your name, gender, age, date of birth, phone number, fax number, address or mailing address, email address). The purpose and purpose of collecting personal information and anonymous information are as follows: to provide you with our various services through our website; When you use our website, you can identify and confirm your identity; Enable you to receive services tailored for you when using our website; Our customer service personnel can contact you when needed; Collect data on the usage of our website; Make it more convenient for you to use our website; Conduct market research and research to improve our products, services, and website content; Collect information for our activities, marketing and promotion plans; Comply with laws, government and regulatory regulations, including but not limited to regulations on disclosure and notification of personal information; Regarding the various services we provide, analyze, verify or review your credit, payment or status; Handle any payment instructions requested by you, directly deduct or credit arrangements; Enable you to operate your account and enable us to withdraw outstanding service fees from the account; The personal information and unnamed information you provide us will only be retained until the purpose of collection has been achieved, unless it continues to be retained in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. The ownership and disclosure of personal data. All information collected on our website is owned by us and will not be rented or sold to any unrelated third party You have the right to: inquire whether we hold any of your personal information; Receive your personal information that we hold; Request us to correct any incorrect personal information; Regularly inquire about the nature, policies, and implementation methods of the personal information we hold; However, in extremely limited circumstances permitted by law, we may not allow you to access your personal information. For example, if you access and obtain your personal information, it may pose a risk to you; When your personal information may affect an ongoing investigation; When your personal information involves court proceedings and may be subject to discovery restrictions; When your personal information involves a commercially sensitive decision-making process; When another person's personal information is also included in the same record; If you wish to receive or correct personal data, or request policies, implementation methods, and types of personal data held, you should write to our following address; Requesting the receipt or correction of information may require reasonable processing fees; Secure your password. In addition to our commitment to ensuring the security of your personal data storage and processing, you should not disclose your login password or account information to anyone to protect your personal data. Whenever you log into our website, especially when you use someone else's computer or a public Internet terminal, remember to click Exit after the operation. Your efforts and assistance are absolutely helpful for us to protect your personal information. Modification of Privacy Policy: This privacy policy may be modified from time to time (without prior notice to you). Any modifications to the privacy policy will be published on our website.

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